Fishcoin Protocol

After careful deliberation based on feedback from key team members and advisors regarding the Fishcoin project and the challenges of the volatile ICO marketplace, utility token exchanges, and projected blockchain evolution, the Fishcoin team has spent considerable time and energy re-envisioning and redesigning the Fishcoin Protocol.

In the coming months we will further develop the Fishcoin Protocol and this will involve many high level partnerships and further developments across all levels of seafood supply chains from producers to consumers. The Protocol will be built with a focus on increased interoperability allowing cross blockchain functionality with different blockchain technologies. This interoperability and these partnerships will lead to significant scale in the usage and overall development of the Fishcoin Protocol.

In recent months we have had many hundreds of people from our community of supporters register their interest for investing in the Fishcoin Project. We appreciate your support as we move forward with Fishcoin Protocol developments to help capture the data to bring sustainability to the global seafood industry, largely comprised of many small-scale seafood producers in developing nations.

Please also feel free to contact us with your questions and feedback.